CUSAGC is run by a committee, which is elected each year at our AGM during Lent term. Feel free to get in touch with them if you have any questions or want to join.


Our current chair is Caitlin Kinch (she/her).

The chair runs the society, usually chairs committee meetings, and clogs our email inboxes. You can contact them here.


Our current secretary is Nik Dryden-Diaz (they/them).

The secretary is responsible for taking minutes at committee meetings and the AGM, maintaining membership records, and other administrative tasks. You can contact them here.

Junior Treasurer

Our current treasurer is Isabella Topley.

The junior treasurer is responsible for looking after the club’s finances and bank accounts, and works with our senior treasurer. You can contact them here.

Social Secretary

Our current social secretary is Naomi Simon (she/her).

The social secretary is responsible for organising the ‘social’ half of the programme, and works closely with the AAC. You can contact them here.


Our current quartermaster is Yu Heng Hew (he/him).

The quartermaster is responsible for CUSAGC stores, and looking after and maintaining club equipment. This is especially important during our service events! You can contact them here.

Adventurous Activities Coordinator

Our current AAC is Oliver Flavin (he/him).

The adventurous activities co-ordinator (AAC) is responsible for the ‘adventurous’ half of the programme, for example CTW, our winter walking trip, and works closely with the social secretary. You can contact them here.

Scout & Guide Liaison Officer

Our current SAGLO is Cameron Pearson (she/her).

The Scout and Guide liaison officer (SAGLO) is responsible for maintaining our links with local Scouting and Guiding, and they attend District and Division meetings to represent us. You can contact them here.

SSAGO Representative

Our current SSAGO Rep is Leon Brindley (he/him).

CUSAGC is part of the national Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO). The SSAGO Rep is responsible for representing the interests of the club at SSAGO meetings, and promoting SSAGO events. You can contact them here.

Anglia Ruskin Representative

This post is currently unfilled, let us know if you’d like to help out!

The Anglia Ruskin University Representative (ARU Rep) is responsible for representing the interests of ARU students in the club and representing CUSAGC to ARU. You can contact them here.

Sky Blue Editor

Our current Sky Blue editor is Caitlin Kinch (she/her).

The Sky Blue editor is responsible for putting together Sky Blue, our club magazine. They can often be seen pestering people to write articles! You can contact them here.


Our current webmaster is Mara-Ioana Postolache (she/her).

The webmaster is responsible for maintaining this website and managing weird stuff to do with emails, hopefully without adding random people throughout Cambridge to our mailing list. You can contact them here.

Other ducks

CUSAGC loves ducks, and ducks love us. Here’s a list of our favourite ducks:

Whimsy (he/him)

Whimsy is our mascot, a small duck with a very fetching ‘bum hat’. He attends the majority of our meetings and lives with our chair. He also goes out to whatever Rallies CUSAGC attends.

Whammy (she/her)

Whammy, on the other hand, is a big duck! She lives in our stores, and makes an occasional appearance at Marathon, Forward or Freshers’ Fair.

Whishy & Whooey #1-50

100 tiny ducks, half of them yellow and called Whishy, the other half green, glow-in-the-dark and called Whooey. Most of them are up for adoption, if you want some, fill in this form. They’re great to take on your own adventures, and they share their adventures here.