Marathon 2021 will take place on the 27st November in Potton.

Bookings  will are now open! You can email the marathon organisers for more details and here are  the information sheet and entry pack . To receive updates about this and our other event Marathon, email the webmaster to sign up to the mailing list.

What is Marathon?

Marathon is CUSAGC’s annual incident hike for members of the Scouting, Girlguiding and SSAGO aged 14 and over (that includes leaders!). The challenge is for teams of 4-5 to gain points by visiting as many as possible of 26 checkpoints in 9 hours, over about a 70 sq. km area. Teams are given grid references for the checkpoints and must choose their own route. The majority of checkpoints are unmanned, but teams can gain more point at manned checkpoints where there are further challenges to complete.

Three trophies are available to be won: one for under-18 Scouting teams, one for under-18 Girlguiding teams and one for teams with members over 18 years of age. However, the number of checkpoints you visit is up to you, so it can just be a stroll in the countryside and opportunity for a pub lunch! This makes Marathon Challenge suitable for all levels of ability. Due to the distance covered, time needed to complete challenges at manned checkpoints, and the fact that some navigation may be in the dark, only the very best teams will manage to visit all 26 checkpoints.

Where is it held?

It’s normally somewhere west or south of Cambridge, as we aim for somewhere a bit less flat than the fens – but always within comfortable reach of City. Previously it has been held in Clavering, Essex (2018); Burrough Green, Cambridgeshire (2017); Thaxted, Essex (2016); Steeple Morden, Bedfordshire (2015); Potton, Bedfordshire (2014); and Ashdon, Essex (2013).

When is it held?

It is normally a Saturday in the first half of November, depending on Cambridge University Term dates, and trying not to clash with things like Remembrance weekend and SSAGO Rally! Marathon 2021 will be held on the 27rd November.

Who can enter?

Any member of Guiding or Scouting aged from 14 upwards is eligible to enter, as are SSAGO members. This includes older Scouts and Guides, Rangers, Explorer Scouts, Scout Network, Girlguiding Inspire, and Leaders/Occasional Helpers of any section. Teams should be of 4 – 7, but if you can’t find other people to enter with, we may be able to place you with a team – contact us if this is the case.

Can I have more information?

Entry forms with more details can be found at the top of this page. Or email at any time for more information.

Can I help?

There is no requirement for leaders to stay and help during the event, but we are always looking for willing volunteers! Let us know if you’d like to help!

Marathon 2018 Report and Results

The 2018 Marathon challenge was based in the village of Clavering, to the south of Cambridge.  Centred on the village hall, the usual 26 checkpoints were distributed within a 5km radius and teams were challenged to visit as many of these as possible within a 9-hour period.

Although most of the checkpoints were un-manned, at three of them the teams were greeted by CUSAGCers who set them additional challenges.  At base A, there was a return of the absurd amount of ducks, this time in ‘Duck Ferrying’ where teams had to transport ducks over, under and around obstacles. Base E hosted a take on a typical trading post, with money available for everything from star jumps and knots to origami and tent skills.  Base P was the location of the first aid scenario, seeing hypothermic hikers and missing people, and for one team an additional member of the public who they mistook for a casualty! The rest of CUSAGC were at HQ with our own challenges HQ, opening catering tins with a swiss army knife and stirring huge pots of chilli, without the wooden spoons which were on base A…

This year saw 48 participants in 10 teams leave Clavering village hall and venture out into the countryside, the weather was dry but cold and teams walked the long distances between cones and challenges. None managed the full 26 checkpoints this year, however lots of teams got close. Then all 10 teams returned in time for dinner and desert.

Finally we were ready to announce the winners and award trophies.  Congratulations to the Colchester Legacy Leaders, our overall winners this year. Colchester Legacy Explorers B topped the under-18s coming in third overall completing the set for Colchester Legacy, this year the guide trophy was uncontested however we hope to welcome more guides next year. The teams from Endeavour BSE also provided a close competition, with the explorers beating their leaders by 17 points. Well done to all the teams who took part – Marathon is designed to be hard and you all put in a great performance, and we hope you enjoyed yourselves too!

We would like to thank all the CUSAGCers and ex-CUSAGCers (who helped with organising and running the event), Clavering Village Hall (for the use of the hut), all the local landowners (for putting up with the boot-prints and tents and use of a ‘car port’), and last but not least, all the participants for your energy and enthusiasm which makes the event worth running!

Tom Webster, CUSAGC Marathon Co-ordinator 2018

Team Name Total Score
Overall Rank Explorers Rank Guiding Rank Over 18 Rank
28th Leaders 1200 1     1
Scrunchie Squad 897 2  1    
Burwell Bobbles 726 3     2
St Neots explorers 640 4 2    
Shubumpkin 444 5    1