Michaelmas 2019 Programme

Here you can see the programme for the 2019 Michaelmas term. If you have any questions, you can email the social secretary. As always, if you have any activities you would like to see us run, let us know!

Access statements for upcoming events can be found here.

Freshers’ Squash, Queens’ College, 7.30pm Wednesday 16th October

A fairly chilled evening to find out more about what we do. We’ll start off in the Angevin Room in Queens’, head out for a scavenger hunt round Cambridge and finish off at a pub. Don’t worry if you can’t come for the whole thing, just let us know.

Freshers’ Hike, route TBC, Sunday 20th October

Our programme is split into more social and more adventurous activities – this is to give you a taste of the latter. That said, given the lack of real hills around Cambridge this will likely be more of a stroll than a hike…

District Leaders’ Quiz, 28th Scout Hut, Saturday 26th October

Whether you want to help with a local group or not, join us at the district leaders’ quiz to smash the competition and meet some local leaders.

Evening Punting, Monday 28th October

You might have been punting already, but have you been NIGHT PUNTING? It’s considerably spookier than regular punting, so perfect for the run-up to Halloween.

Campfire Night, Wednesday 6th November

Who doesn’t love a good campfire?

Testing Marathon Activities, Thursday 14th November (TBC)

Come and try out some fun activities before we unleash them on Rangers and Explorers!

Birmingham Chocolate Rally, 15th – 17th November

Want to escape the madness of Cambridge for a couple of days? Rally this term will is hosted by Birmingham University Scouts and Guides, and as always there’ll be loads of different activities to choose from. Find out more and book on here.

Marathon Challenge, all day Saturday 23rd November

This year our Marathon Challenge will be held on the 23rd and we need as many people as possible to help out! This normally involves sitting in a field and running an activity for teams. Find out what marathon is here, and get in touch with marathon@cusagc.org.uk if you want to help or have any questions.

Bouldering, Thursday 28th November

Channel all your pent-up rage from term into climbing up a bunch of walls. It’ll be fun.

Progressive Meal, week beginning 2nd December

This is when we aim to progress round different colleges for different courses of a meal, so it’s a nice chance to relax and have nice food after the madness of term.

CTW, sometime during the holidays

Our winter walking trip – location and dates are currently a mystery. In the past few years it’s been in the Chilterns, the Lake District and the Peak District.