More accessibility information will be added closer to events. Contact with any questions about events.

Freshers’ Squash, 16th October

There is wheelchair access. There is seating, an accessible toilet, and a gender neutral toilet. If parking is necessary please get in touch. This isn’t a bsl interpreter, or a designated quiet space.
Event will start at Queens’ College Angevin Room (access as above). There will then be a monopoly run around the streets of Cambridge, and we will reconvene at a pub TBC. If access is a concern please get in touch and we can ensure we go to an accessible pub.
Contact us about parking and access to Queens’ at, and with general questions about the event at

Freshers Hike, 20th October

This is a hike, so I can’t imagine there are any of the standard access tickboxes available. We may end up in a pub or cafe and if that is the plan I’ll add details for that.

Quiz, 26th October

There is wheelchair access. There is seating, an accessible toilet, and a gender neutral toilet.
Event is at 28th Scout Hut. From their website:
Our hut is accessible to all, regardless of ability, gender, sexual preference, race, religion or age. There is a ramp for wheelchair access at the front of the building and a disabled toilet. The toilets are for all and are not age or gender assigned. There are no steps or raised thresholds between areas in the building. Currently the fire escape has a raised threshold and a step down but we are looking into how to correct this. Accoustically the building has a lot of refective surfaces which could give problems for hearing impaired but we are also looking into how to correct this too.
You can contact the organisers about access on

Evening Punting, 28th October

There is no step-free access and 5 deep steps, with no handrail. There is blue badge parking. There isn’t general car parking.
We are meeting at Silver Street bridge and blue badge parking is available on Silver Street. Disabled and gender neutral toilets are available nearby in Queens’ College, but while we are punting no toilets will be available.
You can contact us about access on

Campfire Night, 6th November

There is limited step-free access. There is basic seating, an accessible toilet, a gender neutral toilet, and general car parking.
The campfire will be outside and access is via gravel and grass. Folding chairs are available on request on the night.
You can contact us about access on

Bouldering, 28th November

Location TBC. Email for information.

Progressive meal, date TBC.

This event usually involves travelling between various colleges for different courses of a meal. If you want to come but have access concerns, please include that when filling in the event form.
You can contact us about access on